We believe relationship is forged in proximity and sharing space fosters growth. In that spirit we are committed to using the Community Room in our office space to create community through convening. 

Relationships are foundational to all that we do at Graves. Collaboration informs our work from daily operations to grants and initiatives. Through relationships, we understand where and why systems change is necessary. Through relationships, we gain insight into where resources can have the greatest impact.

We are committed to using our resources, including our space, to foster relationship. Our office is ideally located in the Midtown Exchange Building across from the Midtown Global Market. Our Community Room is open to non-profit and community partners for meetings and events at no charge. In that space, we have accommodated and hosted everything from board meetings to large convenings and parties.

Email for more information and to inquire about reserving the Community Room.


In March of 2020 at the behest of community leaders, the Graves Foundation purchased the lot on the northwest corner of the intersection of Chicago and Lake Streets, known in the neighborhood as the Roberts Shoes Lot. We purchased it in order to ensure future development aligned to a community vision, acknowledging the opportunity to retain the cultural assets that have contributed to the thriving of East Lake Street. We're working with an Advisory Council of Latino artists, business owners, and community development experts to create a development plan and to find the partners who can realize that plan. 

In the meantime, we've invited community organizations and artists to create events and programming on the lot to highlight their work. We're thrilled to share our Calendar of Events. Events are still evolving so check back from time to time to see what's been added. 

May 25th-June 6th
Haircuts for Change
Description: Pop-up barbershop and altar to engage dialogue and create space for courageous conversations.

June 22nd-24th & June 29th-July 1st
Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association - Art Fair Preview
In connection to and celebration of PPNA's 30th Annual Powderhorn Art Fair (PAF), we'll do a PAF Peek Preview of a handful of hyper-local artists who will be featured in our online art fair, which takes place on August 8th and 9th. Over a two week period, from Tues - Thu, a visual artist and performing artist will be highlighted in the Robert Shoes lot for a four hour period each day.

Third Friday/Saturday/Sunday of the month, July-September
Uproar Performing Arts - Variety Show 
The Uproar Variety Show is produced by the Uproar Performing Arts Collective consisting of 4 people. The shows feature 1-4 artists/performers in different mediums.

July 2nd-August 1st 
Quito Ziegler, Artist is Residence, Weisman Art Museum - Truth & Repair Conversations 
Artist Quito Ziegler will create a site for cross-community conversations about Truth & Repair involving the diverse communities situated along Lake Street. The project will culminate with a retreat or larger circle-up for community leaders to map out a plan for continued work. In addition, Quito will design & support public sites for truth-telling and dialogue about repair.

August 5th
Cow Tipping Press, Cowchella

August 8th
CaMiNo, Dia de Zapata Celebration

August 14th
Slow Roll, Uprising Remembering

August 21st 
Summer Cypher, Pop-Up Hip Hop & Art 

September 6th-12th 
FUTURE NOW - Performing Arts 
Imagine Tomorrow's Today - The Change and transitional moments of the summer of 2021 are revealed as opportunities to speak out loud about the future. See the future as a place we co-create. Harry Waters Jr and Lelis Brito, as residents of the South Minneapolis and Powderhorn neighborhoods, are offering an opportunity for artists/organizations/businesses to present a creative response to Roberts Lot, which sits at the intersection of past, present and future. The intersection where we all live, dream, laugh, scream, dance laugh and breathe. There will be three significant artist/groups charged with crating performance/presentations. 

October and November (Still Developing) 
CLUES and CaMiNO - Day of the Dead celebrations and programming.